Vergnano Coffee

The mountain atmosphere
in the white and green of seasons

The Caffè Vergnano, is located at the bottom of the ski slopes of Sansicario Alto in the province of Turin and it is a small place of taste nestled in the mountains of the Vialattea. It offers the unmissable opportunity to taste and taste the flavors of the local tradition, but also modern and gourmet dishes completely immersed in the mountain atmosphere.
The outdoor area allows you to stay warm thanks to the braziers with the wood to add that is available to all, and you can drink and enjoy a “bombardino” or toast with a good plate of charcuterie with locally products.
The interior and exterior of the restaurant are wrapped in Christmas lights in winter, there is the frenzy of those who serve our customers with passion and the frenzy of children who stop for a break before returning to the ski school.
In summer the green surrounds the restaurant and the walks become clear and steep, without snow but with a warm and bright sun that allows you to stop on the outdoor deckchairs in the outdoor area for an aperitif or a dinner by starlight.

Opening time:

FROM JUNE, 17th!

Every day  8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Every weekend

For booking and information

Calls: 0122 1950882  –  Whatsapp: +39 392 6657486

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